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Dean Wadsworth
#102 - 10665 139th Street
Surrey, BC, Canada

Email: dean AT
Cell: 778-549-5917

  •  29 years programming experience
  •  7 years teaching programming
  •  29 years C programming
  •  15 years C++ programming
  •  18 years Unix C/C++ programming
  •  8 years OpenGL programming
  •  3 years OpenGLES programming
  •  5 relation database design
  •  2 years Oracle DBA
  •  11 years Database Real Time Transaction development (Oracle, Sybase, MySQL)
  •  7 years PL/SQL
  •  6 SQLite (Database File System, embedded integration, encryption)
  •  5 years Perl Script, 4 years Unix scripting
  •  2 years Python Script
  •  7 years PHP
  •  3 years Java Script
  •  2 years Java
  •  2 years LUA Script
  •  1 years Action Script
  •  5 years C#
  •  8 years character design
  •  5 years sound FX creation
  •  5 years 3D Animation Lightwave (Rigging, Weight Map, Key Frame, IK, FK)
  •  8 years encryption and network security experience (TCP, UDP, ICMP)
  •  Strong skills in Object Oriented Programming, multithreaded and secure network application development, inter-language connectivity, client-server applications, CGI, HTML, SQL, TCP/IP, wireless and modem communications
  •  Excellent communication skills and fast learning ability
Languages, Compilers and Databases
XNA 1.0 and 2.0, MicroSoft C#, Borland C/C++, LUA, Python, Action Script, Squirl Lang, MS Visual C/C++,
Watcom C/C++, GNU C, SQL, MSQL, MYSQL, Oracle, PL/SQL, Procedure Builder, Stored Procedures, Oracle API,
SQL ORA 8.2, Sybase System 11, Perl, Win32 API, DirectX API, WinG API, WinSock API, X25 API (Solaris/Aix),
Turbo Pascal, Apple MPW,  Code Warrior (Mac) and  some Assembly

OS and Platforms

Windows 95/98/NT, DOS, Mac OS 7 – 9, OSX
Unix - AIX, Solaris, SCO, Linux, Unix Ware, Open BSD
Consoles - Sony PSP, iPhone, Xbox 360
Software Design Experience
  • Real Time renders in OpenGL / Direct X across multiple platforms
  • Game Engine with SQL database integration
  • Network Engineering (server based and peer to peer)
  • Skeleton based animation system, with mount points and animation mixing
  • Real Time Transaction Processing System, which includes Wireless Communication, TCP/IP, Modem Communication, Bank Validation. (Unix C)
  • Automated Database updates in Real Time and synchronization.
  • Customer service front end (Unix / Windows)
Software Design cont..

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